What is a Mudi?

The Mudi is a rare herding breed from Hungary where it is still favored by shepherds to work sheep and cattle herds. In the United States the breed is extremely rare with a small number of fanciers. The Mudi is a breed that still has a strong herding instinct. We believe that while it is important to maintain the Mudi’s natural herding abilities, the breed is also very versatile making it a contender in many active dog sports. Although most Mudi certainly show the ability to perform as a herding dog, we realize not all owners have the opportunity in which to foster this herding instinct, nor the means in which to expose their dog to sheep or cattle. We certainly do encourage any Mudi owner to have a simple herding instinct test done with their dog. Some may find it will open new doors of opportunity for themselves and their Mudi. Others may wish to target a sport like Agility, Flyball, or FastCat in which to unleash their Mudi’s hidden talents. Don’t forget obedience and dock diving.

The Mudi breed standard states that the breed is “sensibly suspicious of strangers”. Ongoing socialization is important for your Mudi, and you need to understand your dog. The Mudi’s family is his world. They are the most devoted, loving, and intelligent dogs I’ve known.

For more information, see the Mudi Club of America’s website. Also please join our club if you’re interested in seeing more.