Take Two Litter – August 2020

The Take Two litter was a repeat breeding between our very own Keira and Hex. They did it again! This litter produced gorgeous puppies with sporty drive and stable temperament.

The Take Two Litter at 2 days of age

Keira’s page is available here: http://www.menageriemudis.com/the-girls/keira/

Hex’s page is available here: http://www.menageriemudis.com/the-boys/hex/

“Ditto”, “Mimic”, “Encore”, “Repeat”, “Echo”, “Parody”

Individual puppy photos posted below!

“Ditto”, purple collar, black merle, female

“Parody”, pink collar, black merle, female

“Mimic”, orange collar, black merle, female

“Echo”, green collar, male, black merle

“Encore”, light blue collar, ash merle (dilute black), female

“Repeat”, red collar, black, male