CH UKC CH Intl CH Twisted Acres Life Is A Highway CM2 DCAT DN DJ DMA DE DN57517001

Szia’s Embark DNA Results:

Szia is a yellow (or fako) male from Twisted Acres Ranch. At less than a year of age and in his first weekend of showing, Szia obtained half of his points needed to reach his CM. He had several BOB wins and even had a Best In Misc group win over a large number of dogs. This sweet and gorgeous boy will be a contender! We can’t wait to get back in the ring!

In 2020 Szia made his dock diving debut and finished the season as the #1 Mudi (distance)! We are so proud of this boy and his love for leaping from the dock. Szia earned three dock diving titles (DJ, DS, DM) in the 2020 season and competed at the Great Lakes Regional.