“Oh, Canada” Litter – March 2020

Born March 13, 2020

Our lovely “Pila” was bred to “Zipper” of Herdabout Mudi.

“Pila” and “Zipper” produced puppies that are very even-tempered and sweet with excellent structure. They will be wonderful examples of the Mudi breed and are expected to excel in both conformation and sport. The all have beautiful, thick, wavy coats!

More info on “Pila” can be found here: http://www.menageriemudis.com/the-girls/pila/

More info on “Zipper” can be found here: http://www.herdaboutmudi.ca/zipper.html

Individual puppy photos below:

“Zamboni”, green collar, male, yellow

“Summit”, blue collar, male, yellow (suspect cream)

“Dudley”, black collar, male, yellow

“Loonie”, pink collar, female, black

“Cari-Bou”, yellow collar, female, black

“Maple”, lavender collar, female, black