About us

Welcome to Menagerie Mudis & More!

Menagerie Mudis & More is a kennel located in southern Indiana that breeds, shows, and trains a variety of dogs in different venues. We primarily breed and raise Mudis, and are excited to share our K9 family with you. Our goal is to produce quality dogs that are bred for temperament, structure, of medium drive, and true to the breed standard. My hope is that any puppy can do anything successfully with its family.

Obedience was my first love and I grew up training dogs in 4H. I resumed competition after my children became adults. It was my turn to do what I love!

A few years ago, I became fascinated with how a breed becomes fully recognized by the AKC. Herding breeds are great obedience dogs, so I wanted to explore that possibility. I was thrilled that the Mudi Specialty was being held two hours from my house. That visit began my love affair with the Mudi.

The best of my Mudis show in conformation, and are in training for obedience, rally, barn hunt, scent work, FastCat, and several compete in Dock Diving. Szia, is the number one Dock Diving Mudi, and currently holds the distance record at 26’6″.