RIP 6/8/2023

Bal-Aton Kincse Afonya DN50221901 AKC DNA #V841763 OFA26G OFEL26

. Keira’s Embark results:

Keira was the first Mudi that entered our lives and began our love affair with the breed. She is a Hungarian import, and came to us when she was 5 months old. Shortly after she arrived, I fell and suffered a serious fracture in my lower leg. As a result, she and I were housebound for 3 months.

The Mudi is a breed that needs intense socialization. Keira missed this opportunity and is still playing catch up. I can not imagine any other dog or breed of puppy that could have been a better companion during my recovery. This is when I realized that a Mudi lives to be with their family. We are their everything! She has very strong herding drive, and we are looking forward to start working with sheep this spring. Keira is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She loves her people with everything she has!

Keira tragically passed away on June 8, 2023 without warning. Testing showed that she had undiagnosed and asymptomatic Dilated Cardiomopathy. Our hearts are broken and she will always be missed.