Cruzyn Butterflies R Free To Fly CM BN RN FDC BCAT CGCA TKI RATI OFA24G OFEL24

Pila’s DNA Embark Results: https://my.embarkvet.com/members/results?i=3

Pila is from Cruzyn Mudi Kennels in Oregon. She is the ultimate example of all that a Mudi can be. She has finished her CM and is off to a great start in other sports. She also has titles in Hide N Seek and is training in scentwork, and has been started in agility.

In 2019, Pila was selected to star in a music video produced by a local company to promote animal adoption. She did an AMAZING job and surprised everyone. She is very outgoing, has done multiple programs for children, visited nursing homes, and brings joy to many.

Link to the Adopt Me Maybe Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X-UBmuVmoj8mEb6wlsZOYeyfEtX_06H4/view?ts=5d726547