The Tails of Camelot Litter – August 2020

Our sweet “Pila” was matched with “Merlin” of Twisted Acres to produce gorgeous puppies with sweet temperaments and beautiful coat. These puppies are all expected to excel in sports, therapy work, conformation, and companionship.

The Tails of Camelot Litter – birthday, such a beautiful puppy rainbow!
8 weeks old

“Pila” and “Merlin” complimented each other very well and surprised us with a beautiful rainbow litter including yellow (hidden merle), ash (dilute black), solid black, and ash merle (dilute black merle). In addition to being beautiful puppies they all have grown up to have stable temperaments and go-getter attitudes. We are very proud of this litter and where they are headed!

Individual Puppy Photos Below!

“Quest”, blue collar, yellow (hidden merle), male

“Lance”, green collar, ash merle (dilute black), male

“Spire”, pink collar, black, female

“Avalon”, purple collar, ash (dilute black), female

“Mystic”, yellow collar, ash (dilute black), female

“Legend”, gray collar, black, female